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I would like to share what I have found about existence during the last 6 months. It is very exciting and gives hope for the future. In this context, it is extremely important to understand that particles have conscious abilities and qualities... That groups of particles developed to be the consciousness of beings of light very, very long time ago.

Everything in existence is ONE BIG ORGANISM where all the particles that everything consist of deep inside have a kind of knowingness about being part of it.

Everything in existence has emanated from a group of particles that had developed conscious qualities billions of years ago. Those particles developed into beings, leaders (masters) that became basically different from each other because they had different qualities. It is the reason of the disagreements in the world today.

The biggest reason to the conflicts and wars, is that those first leaders experienced things related to each other that made them get emotional wounds. One of the most important leaders experienced to feel that the other leaders thought that its main quality was less valuable. It was the quality "to create by thought intention". That made that leader to compensate by showing itself better than them. This was the start of many conflicts and it has influenced our psyche and ways of behavior. (These leaders have all-together been the energy of what we have perceived as God during the last 4000 years.)

I am optimistic about the future because: This group of leaders/masters are now about to find back to the leader group they actually are. They work to release their pain by understanding what happened at the morning of existence. They work to forgive each other for what they have done wrong and for what led to suffering and pain.

During these billions of years, the beings that emanated from the Cosmic leading group of master particles have until recently suppress emotional pain. Now they actively work to release emotional pain by learning and forgiving.

Now, they are ONE leader group that work together.

It has turned out that the emotional pain does not go away. It is stored in the memory bank of the single particles that a being consist of until is is released by recognition, forgiving, love and letting go.

The Cosmic master particles that all life emanated from has had an enormous impact on EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY. Now we are at a turning point.

All particles have an enormous capacity to remember. Everybody can observe that particles must be able to remember how they spin in all the different atoms and molecules that the physical existence consist of. All particles that you consist of remember that they are you!

All humans have emanated from one of these leading particles, that in the morning of time were not able to know how existence would develop. They could not see the consequences of their actions. The fact that these leaders now work to forgive, to understand each other and cooperate will influence humanity very much. It does not mean that there will be peace over night, but in the future it will be constantly easier to agree and understand how to handle conflicts and how we can take care of our planet the best way. :) At the personal level, we must learn to forgive and leave behind what is painful and work with reconciliation.

So how can I know this and explain about this? It is because I by my expanded consciousness have learned how to communicate with these leaders. It started in the 90's. It has been, not only a long and adventurous journey, but also painful one. Now the joy of having achieved results has started. :) For you who wonder where God is in all this. About 3800 years ago, these leaders wanted to appear as one and they made programmings that they wanted everybody to believe in. It did not work out very well, as you know. The religions will dissolve over the next decades and one common understanding will grow forth. Many of the programmings that were done on humanity in the past are now being de-programmed.

I am happy to answer questions and positive comments.

Thanks to NASA for use of the picture.