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Contact by consciousness

And what then? If there was an intelligence that programmed particles to spinn around other particles once very long time ago, that intelligence must exist today too, or what? Of course! There are actually many intelligences out there in space (that may be close to us sometimes) and it is possible to get in contact with them when we work the right way.

You don't get in contact by sending spaceships out in space! I am certain about that. There is not even one physical being out there in space. There is only one planet with atmosphaere and plantlife like ours, but it does not have animals or beings that resemble us. That planet should be without human behavior! Leave it alone!

All beings everywhere else in the Universe are of energies that are invisible for human eyes. I have told about that in previous blogs.The only way we can get in contact with intelligences outside of our planet is by consciousness. How do I know? Because I communicate with them.

The basic reason that I can, is what I wrote about in my last blog; particles must be able to be conscious, to remember, to cooperate, to listen and communicate to let themselves be programmed to form matter. It is the conscious abilities of particles that is the basis, not only for existence, but for our existence. Particles' conscious qualities make us able to be conscious!

How you can get in touch with universal consciousness by your own consciousness? First of all, you need to be open to it. One need to learn to discern between our own thoughts and thoughs coming from outside. One need to practice receiving thoughts coming from outside. In addition I recommend to work to release all feelings that prevent you from believing limitlessly! Lack in belief in yourself, feeling guilt, feeling unworthy, afraid of not being good enough... there are countless feelings that make us limit ourselves. This is the release method I used

It is limiting thinking that prevents humanity the most, the way I see it. It is such kind of feelings that prevent transcending thoughts, believe it or not.

In addition to what I have mentioned here, I worked for some years to increase the frequency of my ethereal field by visualizing and intending, using a method called Melchizedek Method. It also contributed to bring me to where I am today.

What I have found during the years I have worked with a new understanding of particles, is very fascinating. I am able to find it by continuously asking new questions, searching for answers until my intuition gives me the right answer. Our intuition is actually all the particles we consist all-together.

In addition to this, I must admit that I have a direct communication tool with the masters of the Universe. One day, after having communicated by thoughts, intuition and pendulum for years, I started to hear voices. They always speak English, so it is not difficult to discern them from my own thoughts. It took time to get used to them and to know exacty what they say. Today I know what made that possible. Very tiny loudspeakers were placed by my auditory nerve by a master, able to operate inside of the human body (which is vibrating space, you know :)).

Back to the huge light organism I wrote about in my last blog, which was the origin to everything in Cosmos before the expansion. The being that put the particles in action also consisted of particles. It was ONE central particle in that being that was the leading. It was the being's core particle, called core essence or soul essence. To start with, that particle must have developed it's own qualities and it must have taught a group of particles the same qualities so that it became a being. However, this being that I called Aa, was not the only one! His qualities was to create by programming particles. He has courage, is allowing and his driving force is JOY!

There was a huge organism consisting of light particles that we have persumed have conscious qualities. However, there were more than one intelligent being the morning of time. There were a group of particles that developed different abilities and qualities that developed to be Cosmic masters of the higher dimensions. I communicate with several of these masters. Their core particles have the ability to remember the origin. Each of them have special qualities that is unique for them. They have enormous power in them and a type of authority that only the Cosmic masters have. The masters consists of many particles that have the same knowledge and perception as the central particle. They have become like that by programming, experience and certainty.

Maybe you wonder where God is in this picture? Up through history much happened that the masters don't remember. But they do remember a lot also! The different masters developed differently and was the origin of soul families that think basically different from each other. About 3800 years ago so many conflicts and bad ways of behavior had developed, that the masters wanted to create ONE direction, one common understanding. They united in creating one being they called God on behalf of all. That was the start of all the big religions that started with Abraham getting messages in his ears about things that was demanded of him to do.

As we know, they did not succeed with that. In our time, however, they are about to find the reasons of the conflicts. They are about to tidying up, finding together to be ONE organism, one family. The signals I get are uplifting. I see the future with optimism of that reason. It is of the same reason the situation in the world is rather rather dark right now. However, the development will take another direction than what we see at the moment.

There is one thing a master remind me of to sayright now. It is we, the humans, every one of us, that must change the direction. It is WE that need to take care of our planet by reducing the consume and create justice and peace through our everyday choices. There will be new programmings that will help us to change direction. Some of what we have been given will be taken away so that we will approach a life that is simpler and more down to earth than how it is today. It will hardly happen without drama...