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The origin of physical existence

During many years of searching and comminicating with the ethereal, invisible dimensions, I have gradually learned more and more about how things fit together. Everything, absolutely all, consist of particles, actually light particles. Even our consciousness. Our feelings. Some of you may ask: How do you know?

- It is because I have studied how atoms are put together and have discovered what particles are able to perform. It is because I have come to the conclusion by logic reasoning, that particles must have conscious qualities to make life able to exist. - And - I had not been able to draw the logic conclusions if we did not experience computers and the term "programming".

I have become convinced that life has emerged form consciousness. Existence has occurred because particles have conscious abilities. Let me explain. The theories and discoveries within physics have been an important basis for my discoveries. Today we know that atoms, that everything in the physical world consist of, are formed by very tiny particles that spin around a nuclei, which also consist of particles. Atoms form molecules together with other types of atoms. They tie together and form most of what exists in the physical existence.

To understand what I mean, you need to know that atoms are different from each other and that they, by containing many different numbers of electrons and particles in their nuclei, form more than a hundred totally different elements. Everybody can learn about this by studying the Periodic system, which contains a systmatic presentation of all the elements. What is facinating; it seems that one and the same kind of particle, electrons, have the ability to form all the different elements. The same electrons form molecules and thus they are able to jump from one atomic structure to another when they bind together atoms to molecules. In other words: ELECTRONS MUST KNOW AND REMEMBER HOW THEY FORM ALL THE ELEMENTS AND THE MOLECULAR COMPOUNDS THAT THEY ARE ABLE TO FORM! THEY MUST BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO BE ABLE TO DO IT. Particles know very much more than what I am able to walk around remembering! In ther words, Particles have an enormous capacity of memory. My assertation is that the particles are programmed to remember all the elements and how many electrons, protons and neutrons there are in each element. There must have existed an intelligent consciousness that had the ability to program the particles BEFORE matter occurred.

My theory is that all the particles, once before the expansion (The big bang, also a theory of modern physics) was one compact light organism consisting of particles that had conscious abilities. One of them had developed a playful intelligence because we must persume that it had ability to make the particles spin in the very first sun by creating gas atoms of different kinds, letting them react with each other and by that create continuous explosions. This intelligence became the origin, the creator of the elements in all suns, planets and other heavenly bodies. It became the origin to the physical existence in Cosmos. Are you still with me? I would love questions and feedback. :)

The driving force ov particles spinning in atoms... do you know what I think it is? JOY!

Henger du med? Jeg vil gjerne ha spørsmål og kommentarer. :)