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The enormous significance of thoughs

I have previously explained that there are several big civilications in our galaxy and that they are of ethreal energy, which means invisible for our physical eyes. When we die, we may achieve to be etheric humans. However, it is an advantage to live our lives being connected to our soul and know what happens when we die, the way I wrote about in my last blog.

To live in an etheric world is experienced just as real as in our physical world, but the etheric energy function completely different from the physical existence. In the etheric world you need to move by the help of your thoughts. Beings in the etheric world focus at the person or the thing they want to move to, and then intend to be there! Beings have feet, but they don’t use them to move forward. There is no floor in the dimension where the dead people are. However, in some of the other etheric civilications in our galaxy, there is a floor because they have developed on planets so that the planet’s surface is their “floor”. How strange it may sound… They live at the shadow side of the planet where they belong. It is because the etheric energy is a light energy that is only able to function and be visible in shadow and darkness.

This is the reason it is difficut to discover the etheric energy on Earth. It is here, but it is always very closely connected to the physical cells in the individual that it is inside of, either it is a plant, an animal or a human being. Thus we are partially physical and partial etheric as human beings on Earth. Everything emanates from our stem cell (the fertilised egg cell) that contain etheric energy from the first moment, because the egg cell that comes from mother has conscious, etheric energy. It is very precisely programmed in very advanced ways. The cells have conscious abilities like memory and ability to communicate and cooperate to fulful programmings, but of course, they have not the ability to function like the mind.

Because of the nature of etheric energy, after death we too must be at places with no direct sunlight. Therefore, the dead people’s world is active during the night. During the summer months, the etheric dimensions are moved to places on Earth where the nights are darker. What is happening during the days, then, you may ask. It is rather incredible, but actually, they sleep. Individuals, who know who they are, consist of particles, which all have the same certainty about being the individual that they are. All individuals have the need to regain their energy. It is no problem when you know who you are. This is one of the reasons it is important to be oneself and be true to oneself while we live on Earth.

Etheric beings who move through light must be certain about who they are because it is their consciousness that hold their individual together. If an etheric being want to move through light, he or she must be very focused at where he or she is going so that all the particles in their soul and mind know exactly the same. Then, the moving happens in an instant.

The etheric civilications in the galaxy have travelled with etheric ships through space in the entire history of humanity. They have often been around out planet Earth and they have given impulses to the humans. The ships are based on the same principles as what is lined out about the individuals. They rely on focused consciousness. To be able to concentrate, to be able to visualise and to know who they are and and what task they have, is very important for crew members in etheric ships. For them it is natural because it is their lives.

During the last years I have learned much about this, especially by communicating with lightships from Sirius. It is a very advanced civilication with a highly developed technology. After having become their friend, they often visit me. The first time I could see them, was as a light ball in the sky. I was out walking a winter evening as I suddenly got sight of a strong light, much bigger than a star, in the direction of where my home was. (This was in the countryside and the sky was clear). When I got aware of the light, it rapidly became smaller and dissappeared. I connected with them by my thought. I had learned how at that time.

They told me that they wanted to exchange some certain information. Since then I have had frequent contact with lightships from Sirius. They help people who have incarnated in physical body on Earth who have their origin from there. Many people on Earth have souls who are from Sirius and the Pleiadean civilisation and they must go home when they die.

Ingeneers from Sirius have given the computer technology to the Earth. Which means, it is Sirian experts of a very high computer knowledge who have programmed what makes computer technology possible on Earth.

Their technology is so advanced that they can see things that we see on a screen in their ship. Some years ago, I suddenly heard voices commenting what I was doing! I was in my garden one night to give water to the flowers. When I started to communicate with the voices, they got surprised, but they had to confess that they had monitored me by placing particles in mye eyes. My physical eyes! I was upset and rather angry just then, because my eyesight had become weaker over a period of time. However, we became friends, I have forgiven them and I have learned a lot from them. They have also taught some advanced ways of doing things to the new etheric dimension (Heaven) around Earth. There are exciting things going on there. For instance, computer games, are accessable for the dead people in heaven!

This picture is collected from the TV series Star Trek. The crews in the ships from Sirius say that it is a movie/series that resembles their ship. In this picture, I have removed the motors that was depicted on the top of the ship. Their ships has no common motors. They travel by the help of focused thought intention, produced by advanced robots.

There would not be any computer technology at all, unless Sirian ships had operated around our planet. Therefore, everything happening within the computer world is relying on Sirius. The way it is today, there is a great consensus in the ethereal worlds, that the computer technology have not become the blessing for the humans that was the Sirians’ intention. There will be changes.