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What happens when we die and where do we go?

It is actually exciting and enriching to find out what happens when we die. I have had great experiences by being able to connect to dead people. It is one of the reasons I know a lot about what is important to know about dying while we still live our lives. To get a good afterlife it is very useful to know what happens when we die. It is important to be ourselves and to be true to our good qualities and values and to have a good self esteem, which is possible to learn. The people who have lived a long time ”on the other side”, and have developed very much there, have contributed to the knowledge I have about this.(I have written a little book in Norwegian that will be translated soon).

I can communicate with dead people by my thoughs. I think everybody can learn it. Patience and training is needed, but it is not difficult. To get started, you actually need to know that the dead people are up there somewhere! You need to believe that they are there. You don’t need to be clairvoyant or have had a near-death-experience to believe in a life after death. But if you don’t believe, it is an advantage to read about it. However, what I am telling you right now is logical about death and even you who are sceptical are willing to realize when things are logic, right? The world where the dead people are, is of the same type of energy as I described in my last blog. The invisible, etheric energy that science not yet know, is basic both for for life and for life after death. To make a cell able to live, there must be “something” in the cell to make it alive, or it would be dead material made of carbon compounds. That is what physical human cells mostly are made of. If this “something” had not been inside of the same room as the cell, it would simply have been a little dead lump. This “something” is etheric energy, which is the energy constituting the conscious part of the cell. It makes it alive and work in fantastic ways and cooperate with the other cells all-togeter, to be the entire human being. More at my website

In the etheric energy the particles spin in circles, which constitutes balls. The pattern that constitutes the balls looks like such flowers that you might have been drawing when being bored at school or you filled with colours in the art class? You made a circle with a certain radius. Then you kept the same radius and put the fit tip in the first circle line and made a circle. Then you made circles from all crossing points and then a symmetric flower was formed. This is the principle in which the particles spin in etheric energy. They are light particles, invisible for physical eyes.

Thus we all have etheric energy in all our cells. When we die, the physical body die and our cells no longer have life. What happens is that the etheric energy continues to live and is directly connected to our consciousness, especially our feelings, or what is called the soul. Our feelings are present in most of the body. However, it is not very clever to remain in the dead body. (And it isn’t clever to say “Rest in peace” either). The etheric energy, which was inside of every single cell, detach from the physical body and the consciousness follows. The eyes are no longer physical eyes, but etheric eyes and the person get quite new kind of impressions and is being led to another world consisting of etheric energy. The person who dies becomes an etheric being, a light being, invisible for human eyes.

In the etheric world, everything consist of etheric energy. Things, furniture, trees are created by the thoughts of those that are there! This is one of the first things the dead people learn when they arrive to this dimension around the earth. They learn to focus and create something they have left behind, which they loved, for instance their favorite chair or their kitchen table. This is why it is great to practice visualising while we are living! Where the dead people are, everything consist of etheric energy pluss soul energy and consciousness, like the other civilications in our galaxy that I told you about in my last blog.

So when we die, living is quite another experience! Then spacecrafts and experiments to extend life that cost the world society billions are rather meaningless. What I write about are my claims, you probably will say. Yes it is. However, I have reached this level of knowledge by reaching expanded consciouessness. I have achieved that by releasing all limiting feelings and thoughts to that I was able to see behind and beyond. See how here.

There is actually no other way to find this knowledge, than through expantion of consciousness as far as I have experineced.

Todays science is based upon the physical, objective and get stuck when coming to phenomena related to what life really is.

However, researchers within science can confirm some of what I say, and much of what I write can be confirmed when research is done with my claims as starting point.


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