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How to find completely new answers

In this blog, I want to share completely new thoughts about everything between heaven and earth... literally speaking. I have called it expanded consciousness because that is what I have experienced during the last 12 years. . For many years I had asked the questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go when we leave this world? I want to share the answers I have found.

Some of the most important I have found is that our psyche and the human nature is very related with the big questions in existence. Limiting, negative thoughts had occurred related to painful memories in my life. I found a method that brought me on. Gradually, as I released the painful feelings, I got growing insights in myself. This is the method I used.

- However, I did not only get insights in myself. As I worked through and set me free from every single detail of non-positive emotions, my mind increasingly opened up to an expanded consciousness and clearer intuition.Suddenly I knew things with certainty. My mind and soul had become one. I understood more and more how existence had developed and how underlying, conscious energies are functioning. I started to take in thoughts from outside, which I could discern from my own. Different beings being in other dimensions. - And since then, I have known that there is no point in sending rockets to other planets or to search for life in space! There is very much life out there, oh yes, but what is happening is invisible for human eyes. At times I communicate with beings from other civilications in Cosmos daily. - And yes, they give many impulses to the human population.

The other worlds consist of etheric or ethereal energy, still unknown to science on Earth. We must learn how invisible energies operate. Therefore I mean today's science partially is on a wrong track. The rules for the nature science studies and research are outdated. The phycisists claim that the speed of light is the fastest. I mean they are wrong! Thought has the fastest speed! - And you know it already! In the blink of an eye, your thought can be with a friend in another country or by the kitchen table in your childhood's home, right? Besides, as you see, our thoughts and feelings kan operate completely outside of what we perceive as our "timeline". The quantum physics say it right: One particle at one place is able to give the information from a particle at a far distance. It's because of particles' conscious abilities. More It has been a fantastc journey all these years that have passed since then. I have continued to ask questions and I have received completely many new answers. Theses are the things I want to write about in this blog.

This photo shows my energy field once I was chopping wood together with my son. Sometimes invisible energy is caught by cameras, especially digital ones. This picture actually shows my expanded consciousness.